Adaptive and Personalized Learning is the Best Way to Get the Most Out of Each of Us.

hey keep telling us that to learn we have to attend classes or watch videos or read books.  And instead of face-to-face classes, they put us on-line classes.  And it’s not true, of course we need learning resources! But The reason we forget what we see and don’t practice is called the forgetting curve.

We really learn when we get on a bike and not by going to bike classes

They keep saying that an entrepreneur is born and not made.  And they are right because we are all born with the Morocco Phone Number seed of entrepreneurship, because as children we fall down and get up constantly, only that

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The educational system is responsible for removing these skills from

us and there are always people who are responsible for telling you what you are good for and what you are not. and I reveal myself, because they told me that I could never undertake

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