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Even the longest journeys are just one step away.  Before you go out, you need to create a roadmap, buy some tickets and pack the most basic luggage.  You know there will be surprises, new and unexpected turns, more tickets and more stuff to buy along the way.  But you’ve set important goals and need to start now.

The same goes for web development – ​​​​you want to have a website and need to take the first step right away.  That means you have to design, develop and launch an MVP website.  You don’t know what  an MVP website is  and how to best create it?  continue reading.

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First of all, what is an MVP?

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)  is a product that has just enough functionality to Netherlands Mobile Number satisfy early customers and at least one of their identified needs.  It’s called “minimal” because of its minimalist nature in terms of functionality and investment, and “workable” because it has to work in real life.  An MVP was launched to link target customers to early versions of the product and provide their feedback for future development.

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A minimally viable product should have enough core functionality to effectively deploy the product, nothing more.  For example, if you want to make a donut, you only need to think about its basic ingredients, shape, and method of frying, not the sprinkles of cream, chocolate, and powdered sugar.

If you compare website creation to doughnut production, the simplest doughnut (cooked with minimal ingredients enough to taste like a doughnut) is the “Doughnut MVP.”

The advantages  of MVP are  related to lower cost, lower risk and customer insight.  It is the most stripped-down version of the product that can still be released and meet customer needs.  It has three key characteristics:

  • It offers  enough value  to entice people to use or buy it.
  • It promises  enough earnings in the  future  to retain  early customers.
  • It provides enough feedback  to guide its owners in future development.


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