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On the platform we have a rhelps you get the most out of this social network if it is the one that handles your target audience. Facebook for writers I want to know more about the course platform only suitable for writers with guts if you want to live writing, you have to have guts but also get the most out of time. With my ebook of tools, it will be easier for you. Name email I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the website I love you! 23 comments victor white victor white on november 12, 2015 at 10:56 am thanks ana for .

Taking me Egypt Phone Numbers   back to school, where I used to end up out of class because of loudmouths xd no, seriously, thanks for clarifying issues in the post and course. My complaint was mostly that zukerberg the evil “Layers” the posts on our page to make us pay, and that in my personal experience, apart from the page I have a personal profile that helps me with occasional publications. But surely you have the trick to fix that… so I’ll do my homework and attend the lessons like a good student! Answer joseph of cadiz joseph of cadiz on april 2, 2022 at 5:34 pm personally, I have the worst impression of facebook. It is true, it is designed to make .

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Money. It doesn’t care about users or what they post. She doesn’t give a damn if she’s used by narcos or pimps. If they pay advertising they don’t care and talk about “Honesty”. I had an author page , with thousands of followers. I sound presumptuous but it’s the truth. Seeing this, facebook pressured me to pay for advertising when I didn’t need it. But I decided to pay them as compensation for their services. I deeply regret it. At first everything went well and my readers increased. The problem was that there are envious or bad faith

Egypt Phone Numbers
Collaborators. One day I published a poem: “Give me a star on my birthday”, it had thousands of readers and hundreds of comments. This caused envy and ill will from the staff. Perhaps from zukerberk directly or one of his cats. I had paid for 15 days of advertising and only got 2 days. They blocked my poem without further explanation. Without me having attacked them or broken the rules. It is a beautiful poem and the comments leave no room for doubt. I closed the page permanently and accused them of thieves. If you want to check it, I leave you a link: https://www.Facebook.Com/guerrero-secuestrado-por-el-admen-organizado-.

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Finally, you do not know who charges you and where for your money, so you have no one to claim. Facebook does not have a manager or representatives with a name and surname. They act surreptitiously. Not a day goes by that there are no complaints against this page for fraud. «doctora polo», «the third in discord», «things of life», etc. Answer ana gonzalez duke ana gonzalez duke on november 12, 2015 at 11:02 am in your case you have made one of the mistakes of social networks and that is to make a page of a book. That’s chronicle of a death foretold, I’m afraid. I give the tricks in the online course of the writers training school ;d answer javier penas javier penas on november 12, 2015 at 2:50 pm thank you .


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