Analysis of Airbnb products from the five elements of user experience

Tenants: cost-effective and comfortable accommodation with local characteristics; security needs for the homestay
Landlords: renting out vacant vacancies. There is a need to prevent rental vacancies from being destroyed by tenants; some landlords are eager to have social interaction with tenants
4. Business model
Airbnb’s main source of income is a commission from hosts. Typically around 10%. Since the scale of homestays is smaller than that of normal hotels. The cost of operation and management will be much lower. Which is one of the reasons why homestays are cheaper than hotels. The homestay industry thus satisfies the user’s demand for cost-effective accommodation. And also resolves the conflict between airbnb’s business model and user needs.

Search and filter functions

As a homestay booking software. The core function of airbnb is to search and book homestays. In terms of searching. Screening. And recommending homestays. Airbnb has also put a lot of effort into recommending various types of preferential homestays. After searching for homestays. Airbnb also gives users enough options to filter. The process of booking a homestay is relatively simple. And users can quickly complete the booking by following the instructions on the page.


 Schedule function

1. Schedule function
The process of airbnb searching and booking homestays is Oman Phone Number basically the same as other homestay booking software (such as meituan homestay. Wooden bird homestay). And they are all relatively smooth. You can complete the booking with at least five pages and jump to the next page. The guidance is also relatively clear. Which can help users easily book homestays. Search and filter functions



Oman Phone Number
Oman Phone Number

The screening function of airbnb is relatively complete. First. You need to enter the most basic destination and check-in time. And screen the homestay for the first time. After clicking the “Search listings” button. The user can browse the city within the selected date. All accommodation booked. The default sorting is comprehensive sorting. And you can also choose to sort by good reviews. Low prices. And high prices.

Then users can also filter homestays based on the number of people and location area. These two conditions are given priority by most users when choosing homestays. Therefore. Airbnb also differentiates these two filtering conditions from other conditions. And sets up the same level of homestays. Filter button to filter on other secondary criteria.

In the “Filter” button. Users are provided with multiple filtering conditions such as price. Rating. Type of homestay. Etc.. Which can generally meet the choices of most users when filtering homestays. Among them. I think the better design is that after selecting a certain filter condition. The “Average price per night” in the price range will also change. Which is related to the needs of airbnb users.



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