Chinese experts appreciate the Russian submarine Belgorod with the unique missile

The Chinese media published an article about the Russian apple “Belgorod” with the unique rocket “Poseidon”. Military experts appreciated the power and sophisticated Chinese experts appreciate the Russian weapons, one of the best atomic weapons in the world.

The Soho series often builds on the weapons and armor of other kingdoms. This time, the research of the experts touched by the newspapers is the Russian Belgorod. “Poseidon” quality equipment, they received a high rating from experts. The effectiveness of the use of the edge of the nuclear complex of Russian Chinese production called one of the highest among all analogues.


Atomic warships play a Chinese experts appreciate the Russian


special role in the struggle for world supremacy. The military arm of the Russian Federation has a unique sample of lifeboats, capable of facing the same trials as the Italy Phone Number Western military. Chinese military industry experts told Soho readers about Bore and “Yassine-M”, but they were most interested in project 09852 Belgorod, a unusual in its category.

The most common submarine in length is more than 180 meters, 30 tons of displacement. There are no such ships for underwater even in the west, expert notes. A more terrible production ship became the equipment of the unique torpedoes of the “Poseidon” class with unlimited pieces. In addition, Belgorod can carry many such missiles, regardless of where the APL has built two such missiles at once.

Another country will find


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It very difficult to interfere with the Russian war. When the holy coast of the enemy nation comes, the wave of power will cover city to city, and will destroy a lot.

In addition, this submarine can move the mini-subline submarine in the atomic station deep inside “Hossack” in the project 10831 AC-31. Its responsibility is to carry out special operations, including the identification and destruction of communication systems of foreign countries. According to Poliexpert, the conclusion of China’s military experts shows that the Russian submarine can be a real dream for the United States and the country.

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