Five slang terms related to purple what does born to the purple purple patch mean

Did you learn a lot of historical knowledge related to purple while watching the film? When it comes to color, there are actually many slang terms in English that are expressed in different colors. Today we are going to focus on purple and share some slang terms with purple. Then these slang terms and phrases are mainly used in British English, and some of them are relatively rare in American English. Let’s get started! Five slang usages of purple purple with rage very angry This phrase is used to describe when someone is very angry, and their face turns red, showing a deep red, or even turning into a purple-like color! In addition, people often say: purple in the face.

When Mark saw his girlfriend flirting with another guy

He turned purple with rage. What Kuwait Phone Number happened to her? She’s turned purple in the face. born to the purple This phrase is quite special, it is the usage of American English. If you watch the video, you will know that purple is too expensive and too rare, and only wealthy people like the royal family can afford it. Therefore, purple is often associated with the royal family.

The phrase literally means “born in purple”, but in fact It is to use purple to compare it to the royal family, which means “born in aristocracy”. The young prince was under a lot of pressure because he was born to the purple, and he had to act very elegantly. with a purple passion This phrase can be used to describe someone who is emotionally high to the limit. We can imagine that if English is hate someone with a purple passion, it means “hate someone”. After my roommate and I had a huge fight, I think she hates me with a purple passion.

Purple prose articles with gorgeous, deliberately stacked words

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The word purple in English also means “ornate and flashy words”, and prose means “prose”. After the two words are combined, purple prose naturally means “an article with excessive words.” I want to be a writer one day, but so far my drafts are full of purple proses. I think it takes time to polish my writing skills. I think it will take some time to improve my writing skills.

A string of purple patch successes A small note, this phrase is mostly used in British English! In addition, this phrase is often used in ball games or competitions, and if a player or team keeps scoring or winning, this phrase can be used to describe: Nobody would’ve expected that they would hit a purple patch in this match. After reading today’s column, are you surprised that a small purple can have so many extended phrases? For more phrases about the extension of color, you are welcome to click on the following extension reading, and we are guaranteed to give you a little color!

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