Gravity Digital Director

Gravity Digital Director and marketing specialist. Sharon Stevens-Cash has been asked to join the impressive. line-up of columns for the UK’s largest SME. Business publication, Business Matters Magazine.

With around 30 regular columnists. Including Dragons’ Den businessmen Duncan Anatine and James Can, Sharon will write Monthly columns about. Digital marketing. Sharing her expertise. and advice with up to 5000 unique. Visitors to the Magazine’s website each day and more than 80,000 subscribers to the Magazine’s Daily Update e-briefings.

Sharon Comments

 Business Matters Magazine, I was extremely honored. The line-up of columnists is pretty awe. Inspiring and to know that the publication has made me one of only 30 columnists in the country is absolutely brilliant!”

Sharon’s photo and biography sits alongside the other regular writers in the Columnists section of the publication on its online 

Business Matters Magazine

online Editor Rebecca Jones said: “We approached Sharon because of her strong track record in digital marketing expertise and we are really pleased that she has accepted our offer and come aboard as one of our columnists. We think she will add real value to our readers and give them a practical insight to the complex world of digital marketing.”

Sharon continues: “I am really pleased to have an opportunity to share my insights with more than 100,000 small and medium-sized firms each month. My first article, covering how to improve your company’s digital marketing, is on the Magazine’s home page now 

Business Matters Magazine was first established in 1987 and has grown to be the largest business magazine dedicated to small and medium-sized business in the UK. The publication has over 120,000 SME subscribers to its physical publication, 80,000 subscribers to its Daily Update and between 1500 and 5000 unique visitors to its website each day.


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