In the era of experiences that

As well as a communication strategy that be able to position the product under those identified emotional and sensational concepts. The mistake brands all too often make is that they focus on trying to sell what they “think” people need. Instead of focusing on the underlying desire for what their product or service solves . Which is beyond powerful and that mobilizes much more people towards a purchase decision .

In fact. There are objects that are a desire in themselves . Things that are intimately linked to people’s tastes and preferences (a plane ticket for a well-deserved vacation. A ticket to enjoy a recital. An accessory for the car. Etc.). A vinyl record with the single “wish you were here” by pink floyd).

In Marketing

Thinking about wanting more than needing is a super power that implies starting the conversation with a potential client by Jamaica phone number wanting; which does not mean that the solution will not involve what you need. But simply that the door of desire is much easier to open than that of necessity. ” something new?”

vincent van gogh remember that most purchasing decisions are based on creating an emotional connection with the consumer . Once again. Empathy in marketing is the ideal field of interaction to mobilize people’s feelings. Values and emotions . With the purpose of creating favorable attitudes and actions towards a certain product. That is.

The Actions

It examines what emotions it can satisfy in order to later offer and sell them . With this rise of empathy in marketing. It is . Cold and artificial advertising. Based on only highlighting the benefits of the product. Is left behind. Since today all competitive brands offer similar . If not identical. Advantages.

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