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hardware firewall
Two Factor Authentication for Kinsta Admin
You too can enable HTTPS (TLS Certificate) for your website with just one click. There are two options.

Use the Let’s Encrypt FREE certificate
your personalized certificate
Backup is your friend!
When nothing works, backup helps. Sometimes it is easier to restore the website from the backup. It is faster!

Kinsta offers daily backup automatically and retains for 14 days . If necessary, you can restore directly from your administration panel to the live site.



Continuous Monitoring


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Managed WordPress site is checked every 60 seconds for uptime, so if something goes wrong, you know first thing and take necessary action.

Kinsta also tightly integrates with New Relic for advanced performance tracking. If you’re troubleshooting performance-related issues, this will come in handy.

New Relic can be enabled directly from the dashboard.

One of the benefits of using containers is that hardware resources are allocated when needed. This allows scaling up or down based on traffic.

Worry no more about capacity planning, always prepared for unexpected traffic.

Administrator/Developer friendly
Take control of your server infrastructure, code, database, etc. One of the most common questions about managed hosting is how to get access to server resources.

The answer is yes, with Kinsta.

SSH / SFTP – connect to your server via SSH or SFTP.

database – access your WordPress database using phpMyAdmin.

Staging Environment – Create a replica of , test the plugin, theme, mods, and once satisfied, push the changes to production with a single click.

PHP Management – Want to change PHP versions or reboot? It’s possible.



your website to play with


Detailed Analytics
Why go through extensive web server logs to China Phone Number analyze metrics? Instead, view them on the board.

Bandwidth Usage
Top requests by bytes/visits
PHP performance
Average response time PHP + MySQL
Visit by computer or mobile device
Response Code Breakdown.

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