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Day is not going to be less. Help your customers not to be one of those who wait at the last minute. The best way to do this is by preparing texts that create a sense of urgency. Bet on creating this type of content with time and spread it on different channels: newsletters, banners on your website, social networks, etc. 2. Catch last-minute shoppers Do not forget about this type of public that can turn to your business for this special day! Inevitably there are buyers who always wait for the last minute.

You Can Help Them by Offering

Redeemable checks or gift cards for future purchases. Or giving them gift ideas based on experiences or services or Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number such as pedicures or massages. 3. Create shareable messages Sometimes the first person who receives your message is not the one who is going to buy. Especially when it comes to service providers like hair salons, spas, or hair stylists. For this, Valentine’s newsletters are a good option to forward them. Note:

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Not Sure How to Start and Create

your first email marketing campaign ? A tool like GoDaddy Email Marketing will allow you, with just a few clicks, to create professional email campaigns and analyze the results of your newsletters . 4. Romantic gifts Ideas for Valentine’s Day: Heart-shaped cookies Valentine’s Day is known as Valentine’s Day. Romantic gifts don’t have to be just flowers, chocolates or jewelry. Get creative and think about how your product can fit in with this day. For example, a special piece of clothing, a spa day, or even a piece of art.

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