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That way. When someone searches for information about you and your services. They’ll be more confident that your business is truly trustworthy. In addition. The site can serve as a channel where people can request your products and services. Ask questions and contact you. Social networks another excellent channel to interact. Communicate with the public and offer quality content is social networks . It is no longer possible to talk about digital marketing without mentioning social media. This is because these channels have become extremely popular among people. Especially here in brazil. Where 88% of the population uses these services . Facebook. Instagram. Youtube. Twitter… in addition to interacting with each other. Users of these channels can also get closer to their favorite brands.

Seeking information about their products and services. Thus. A content marketing strategy that includes social media management can help increase the reach. Visibility and number of sales of your business. According to ironpaper . 93% of purchase decisions are directly influenced by social media . 262 educational materials sometimes a simple blog post or facebook post doesn’t bring enough information to the audience. In such cases. More in-depth content may be required. E-books. Infographics. Tutorials and webinars are just a few examples of educational materials capable of answering audience questions. And best of all. You can condition access to these materials to a registration on a landing page .

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In this way. You work on generating leads for your business with these lead magnets . Video marketing videos are becoming the most requested and consumed type of Hungary phone number content by internet users. And it makes sense. As they are easier to consume and understand than text. For example. According to google’s video viewers survey . Between 2014 and 2018. Internet video consumption grew by 135% . While tv only showed a 13% increase. And with the technological advances of recent years. Companies of any size can enter the universe of audiovisual production. Because of this. Several companies are betting on video marketing as the basis of their digital marketing strategies.

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Plus. Videos are pretty versatile and fit into pretty much any marketing strategy. You can do video lessons . Live streams. Webinars. Product demo videos. Among other formats. 262 e-mail marketing electronic mail is not dead and proof of this is the large number of businesses that use email marketing to communicate with the public. This strategy consists of sending e-mail messages to a list of contacts and can be used to strengthen the brand. Promote products and services. Communicate with potential customers and sell. And the numbers confirm the power of this channel. According to data from hubspot . Businesses that use email marketing can generate up to 50% more qualified leads . Who are more likely to buy.

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A great advantage of this type of content is that it allows you to segment lists and closely monitor data such as reach. Openness and responses. If the it’s no use creating amazing content if no one on the internet can find it. And it is to make your brand have more visibility and credibility on the net that there is seo. Or search engine optimization . Search engine optimization aims to bring content to the top positions in search results and thus attract organic traffic (that is. Without paying for ads). And why is this important? Simple. Data from an internet marketing ninjas survey of organic clicks on google found that first place earns 21% of clicks. Second 10%. And third 7% . That is. It is essential to bet on seo to attract organic and qualified traffic to your channels. It works like this: search engines.

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