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If you want to build a successful SaaS product, you must first be upright and have principles, and then define your goals by looking at the situation, taking the trend, and taking advantage of the situation, and then stick to the strategy. At the same time, make full use of cloud computing features to make SaaS products customer-centric and meet business improvement Efficiency and cost reduction achieve a win-win situation.

Three, the principle of making products

“Han Yu Yuan Dao”: “If you want to cultivate your body, you must first correct your mind; if you want to correct your mind, you must first be sincere in your mind.” We must stick to our principles and bottom line and not be influenced by the outside world.

“Sun Tzu’s Art of War: Falsehood and Reality”: “Those who are on the battlefield first and treat the enemy are lost, and those who are on Afghanistan Phone Number the battlefield and go to war work hard. Therefore, those who are good at fighting will cause people but not others.” He is a customer and should not be led by the nose due to the influence of the market, customers and friends.

To make SaaS products, we must first talk about principles. The first principle and value of our SaaS products is “customer-centric to provide productive industry solutions around the business”.

Customization and cloud services

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If you have a deep observation. You will find that the same type of customers in the same industry have very high similarity in business needs. But there are significant differences in management and assessment. The platform management function requirements are not very different. Because they all refer to the background functions of the platform But the two bosses are completely different in the assessment of operation KPI. Calculation of operation commission income, reporting and meeting requirements.

They use excel more to calculate and manage progress. This method is not very efficient, and a lot of time is spent on filling in and sorting out data. For products, it is easy to plan and design and develop.

Then why many SaaS providers are not willing to customize for customers. The main reason is that the input and output are low. Customer budget constraints plus payment cycle and risk, customized functions will only serve a few customers or even one customer. A certain depth of understanding of the industry and business is required during implementation, otherwise rework is likely to occur.

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