One of Trump’s Reasons for Banning Tik Tok is Fear Nigeria Phone Number

Trump ordered on august 14 that the overseas. Version of tiktok, the chinese short-video social platform. “Douyin”, must find an american buyer within 90 days. Otherwise it will be forcibly removed. The chinese government immediately fought back.Demanding that tiktok’s parent company, beijing bytedance. not sell algorithms and AI technology to American companies. On September 24, TikTok was cut from Douyin and sold to Oracle and Walmart in the United States. The transaction conditions did not include AI “algorithms”. Marketing theory is based on market segmentation positioning, and uses labels such as age, gender, occupation, income, place of residence, and belief to frame a target market. It is like cutting a cake.

A Breakthrough in Ai Technology Also Changed

The traditional marketing theory. AI makes marketing no longer about cutting cakes Nigeria Phone Number but counting beans, and a person is an independent market segment. Online platform operators generate a large amount of data from e-commerce transactions, search and browsing, and community interaction, and then paste them on the back of everyone. This is another kind of tag, just like a post-it note, as long as you get on it Internet, thousands or even tens of thousands of post-it notes will be posted on your back. The powerful computing power of the computer and various algorithms can not only analyze your preferences, but also predict and affect your behavior.

Nigeria Phone Number

The User is Quickly Immersed in the

Irresistible mechanical pleasure. And then a small amount of advertising and political propaganda are hidden in it. And are unknowingly controlled and controlled. Arrow_forward_ios powered by gliastudio douyin. Has more than 80 million users in the united states. And it ranks second in social apps after snapchat. Teenagers and soldiers are heavy users. When you read hundreds of videos. There will be one or two short videos that make fun of trump. Taiwan users of . Douyin can not only predict and please. But also create a comfort zone, peer recognition, and then subtly change your values ​​and behavior bit by bit. A brand new ai united front is underway around the world. And this is the real reason why trump wants to ban douyin.

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