Poland Phone Number Pre-made dishes with live broadcasts, how much chance does Qudian have to win?

During the live broadcast, Jia Nailiang once introduced Poland Phone Number that the sale of 200,000 items made Qudian lose nearly 5 million yuan, the purpose is to allow consumers to taste the pre-made dishes of Qudian. Luo Min also calculated an account on the spot. Calculated based on the price of 19.9 yuan for undivided goods, and superimposed the cost of cold chain distribution, Qudian lost more than ten yuan for each piece sold.

However, compared with the high-profile subsidy. Poland Phone Number the dishes launched by Qudian are much inferior: “1 penny pickled fish”.  “1 yuan 9 small fried pork”, “9 yuan 9 steamed pork”… and the market Common pre-made dishes. Put together, and there is not much difference.

Screenshot of the live broadcast of Qudian’s pre-made dishes

Some people in the industry have pointed out. Poland Phone Number Qudian’s products mainly come from foundries, and the products must be externally purchased, produced, and then transported to the C-side by the outsourced cold chain. It is conceivable that under the premise that the industrial chain is almost outsourced by Luo Min, the links handled by. Qudian are more about product selection, communication, and sales. Which can hardly guarantee the freshness of the ingredients and the delicious taste.

In fact, 2C pre-made dishes do have to focus on marketing, but Qudian has not fully gone through.

Poland phone number
Poland phone number

In the survey of the prefabricated. Poland Phone Number vegetable market conducted by the Japan Food and Vegetable Association. It was found that among the decision-making factors of purchase, consumers are more concerned about the variety. Whether it is delicious. The status quo of brands” is very similar. Consumers are less loyal to a single category of pre-made dishes. At the same time want to have both deliciousness and convenience, which means that 2C pre-made food brands can only capture consumers’ taste buds by expanding their sku as much as possible and having a higher “pre-preparation degree”.

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