Product Analysis Pinduoduo, the disruptor of subverting traditional e-commerce from the sinking market

During the epidemic, I found that the mother who insisted on rejecting Taobao and occasionally Jingdong in the physical store, planted trees and bought fruits in Pinduoduo; 1499’s fidelity AirPods Pro made friends call it really fragrant; excited heart, shaking hands, I clicked open After seeing the links to fight masks and disinfectant alcohol, I also became interested in Pinduoduo’s business model and product development.

Market & Product Positioning

Pinduoduo, which was officially launched in September 2015, entered people’s field of vision with the slogan of “buying with Switzerland Phone Number all means”. It is a social e-commerce platform based on the WeChat user relationship chain.

The market opportunity that Pinduoduo sees is the “sinking market”, that is, ordinary people who are ignored by traditional e-commerce with  of the consumption upgrade. Pinduoduo meets the needs of these consumers in pursuit of cost-effectiveness. The countryside surrounds the city. Currently, it has more than 400 million active users and 100 million merchants. At present, Pinduoduo is a third-party social e-commerce platform focusing on C2B grouping, and is determined to create a new business ecosystem combining Costco + Disney.

Selection of competing products

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When Pinduoduo began to strategically expand the market within the “fifth ring road” through “tens of billions of subsidies. Taobao and also began to develop the sinking market. released Jingxi in 2019 and launched the first-level WeChat entrance, and Alibaba restarted the gathering. It is cost-effective and will launch the Taobao special edition with a high profile on March 26. Pinduoduo has already ushered in direct competition with Taobao and

Therefore, take Taobao (including Taobao special edition, Juhuasuan) and (including Jingxi) as Pinduoduo’s competing products and analyze them.

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