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Since there are several ways in which you can offer products that achieve links alone. To avoid this. You can create original posts that are totally different from the usual. With which you can capture the attention of users. As well as achieve links on the blog and mentions on social networks. Inbound marketing agency not optimizing e-commerce for mobile it is no secret to anyone that the use of mobile phones is increasingly the favorite medium among internet users. Online purchases do not escape this reality and. Therefore. It is very important to create an adapted alternative for users with which they can purchase products online.

Not including a responsive design in your e-commerce considerably affects the position of a store in google and conversions . Because the distortion of images or the lack of content produced by viewing a website on a mobile device can cause many possible customers do not complete the sale and quickly leave the site. Do not structure data in the tabs when you do not structure the information of the products in their files. You have less chance of appearing in the first positions of the search engines. Therefore.

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If you want your online store to appear Israel phone number at the top of the search engines . It is important that you use tools with which you can structure and add content directly. Thus dispensing with plugins and codes. Too many keywords mistakes to avoid in an e-commercealthough it is true that google is quite demanding with the use of keywords to categorize content. It also penalizes those pages in which they are used excessively. Alleging optimization or keyword stuffing. Which negatively affects positioning. For this reason.

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We recommend that you do not over-optimize the kw. Use synonyms and develop your texts in a natural way. Without forcing any keywords or writing in a robotic way. Because this has a better acceptance by google. Slow loading speed in the world of online stores. Slow loading is something that cannot be allowed. Since it represents a “discouraging” element for the user that largely prevents their conversion. And it is that the time it takes for an ecommerce store page to fully load should not exceed two seconds.

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The influence of the loading period of an e-commerce is of such magnitude. That about 40% of potential customers tend to abandon it when the load is three seconds or more. In addition. Every second it takes affects the conversion process and customer satisfaction drops by approximately 7%. If the loading speed of an online store is too slow. It leads to higher maintenance. So the cost of this is a bit higher and the number of indexed pages is reduced. Use photographs obtained on the web every user who wants to buy a product in an online store seeks to obtain as many details as possible and you must provide them.


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