Team building activities help to identify personality profiles

Workplace, by feeling recognized and valued improves leadership skills and the ability to delegate responsibilities it favors the union between the companions strengthening bonds through experiences identify strengths and weaknesses within a team by looking at what is failing improves communication between workers increases empathy and positive attitude promotes team spirit and belonging to a group strengthens the brand image of the company it encourages personal growth, increasing your creativity and your ability to solve problems through ingenuity.

We can conclude the advantages

Team building activities help to identify personality profiles, showing who feels more comfortable and safe occupying a specific role. We can conclude the advantages of teambuilding with a phrase from the founder of ford motor company, who said “getting together is Latvia Phone Number the beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success”.with the digitization of companies and specifically of human resources departments, it is increasingly common to hear the term “people analytics” or “hr analytics”. What is people analytics?

One of the great assets of this

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It is a data-based research method whose objective is to study the people who are part of a company , in such a way that with the extracted data and an intelligent analysis of it, objective, valid and reliable conclusions can be established. For this reason, this method is one of the safest to help the managers and directors of a company to make important decisions that may affect the workforce and, therefore, the organization. One of the great assets of this research methodology is that it not only provides information about the present: by analyzing the data. Predictions can be made about the state of the company in the future. Allowing preventive measures to be taken that help save time and money.

How to go from data to information? People analytics bases its strategy on two concepts: big data business intelligence big data is the concept used to talk. About massive amounts of complex and varied data whose growth rate is such that obtaining this information. With conventional non-technological methodologies is practically impossible. Inesem business school master in mba in human resources management + 13 ects credits more information on the other hand. Business intelligence is the process by

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