The Film Mentions Many People Namibia Phone Number

The film mentions many people and. Events who participated in the pro-democracy movement during the martial law period. Which were never known in high school textbooks or general news. The beautiful island incident described in the textbook. Only after reading begin to feel important. During the anti-extradition movement in Hong Kong. The question I discussed most .With my friends in Hong Kong . How Hong Kong could stand up and fight for democracy under the oppression of the dictatorship.


Document Taiwan’s path to solving this problem in the past

What is very special Namibia Phone Number in the film is the laughter of Tian’s mother and the deep feelings of the couple, and the pro-democracy activists such as Zheng Nanrong continue to sacrifice themselves like moths to the flames and challenge the Jiang regime.Which is the part that impressed me the most. What strong belief do they have that they are more devoted to fighting for democracy. Than to safeguarding their own lives and families. On the arduous road of striving for democracy.Facing the violent round-up of groups of riot. Police and intelligence officers.Democracy seems to be far away. Compared with the current Hong Kong. What is the future road for Hong Kong to move towards democratization? After the beautiful island incident. Many pro-democracy activists were arrested and imprisoned in one fell swoop. And the Lin House bloody murder occurred the following year.


The severe suppression of the tyranny led

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To a major downturn in the pro-democracy movement. But a group of people continued to take various. Actions to support the arrested persons. Standing on the current timeline of Taiwan and .looking back at the past. The Beautiful Island incident is considered to be a turning .Point in Taiwan’s transition from dictatorship. To freedom and democracy and more Taiwanese people .Begun to wake up and join the ranks of the pursuit of freedom. The news that was originally blocked in Taiwan began .Exposed internationally. and various countries began to put pressure on the Taiwan government. And under the international pressure.The government began to relax its suppression of the pro-democracy movement.


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