The Importance of Seo in Omnichannel Marketing,

The first part of this series of articles on SEO in omnichannel marketing explains how search engines are intimately integrated into the lives of your customers. Ignoring SEO will eliminate you when customers review and buy things. SEO is critical to the financial success of any business and should be a top priority.

Today, let’s look at a seven-step process for integrating SEO into an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Step 1: Situational Analysis – Where are you now?

When on a treasure hunt, Germany Phone Number you better know where the gold coin chest is buried before you start digging! Data from an SEO analysis that looks at your customers, competitors, potential growth areas, and ways to secure your investments helps your business grow faster.

Ignoring situational analysis creates problems that snowball over time. Many companies have failed at this stage – and paid a heavy price for rushing into tactics and implementation.

Remember you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. An experienced SEO analyst can give you a realistic picture of your position and show your weaknesses. It may come as a shock to know that you are invisible to 95% of your potential customers, but this knowledge can help you revise your strategy.

1. Does your organization have an SEO strategy? (And if so, how good is it?)

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  • How effective is the strategy in targeting your audience?
  • Are you reaching all of your qualified customers or are you missing high value segments?
  • Does your strategy continuously reveal new business opportunities and growth strategies?
  • Are you easily found in Google’s mobile search results for business-critical keyword searches from relevant geographies?

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