The Method of Decocting Tea in the Tang Dynasty, the Method of Ordering Qatar Phone Number

In the Song Dynasty, cities and market towns prospered, the citizen class rose, and citizen tea culture gradually became the mainstream. In the daily life etiquette of the Song Dynasty, it was a common phenomenon to use tea to honor guests, to use tea to support relatives, to use tea to give friends, and to use tea for friendship. When tea enters a wedding, there is a saying of “three teas and six ceremonies”. The teahouses that first appeared in the Tang Dynasty also entered a prosperous period in the Song Dynasty. The institutional culture of tea culture in the Song Dynasty was further improved on the basis of the Tang Dynasty. The difference between song dynasty tea. And tang dynasty tea is: the habit of tea. Entering into dragon’s head and new products coming. Out of old ones, plus the song dynasty emperors. Used group tea as a reward for their merits. And the “Tribute tea” of the tang dynasty became a competition for the powerful. And powerful forces in the song dynasty.


The tea art of the Song Dynasty completely combined all

The arts related to tea, and made Qatar Phone Number tea drink with an aristocratic elegance, making tea culture a kind of social norm on the one hand, and art on the other hand. Set an example. Before the Tang and Song dynasties, the habit of making tea was to first dry the tea leaves. Grind them into fine powder, and then make tea balls or tea cakes. When drinking, the tea balls were smashed, ground and sieved. And will add green onion Ginger, salt, orange peel and other seasonings to the tea powder and then decoct, inheriting the legacy of tea as a medicinal product in the first place. In the Song Dynasty. The tea-making method was replaced by the tea-ordering method and became the main tea-making method in the Song Dynasty. What is ordering tea in the Song Dynasty? There are certain procedures for ordering tea. And the process pays

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After warming the cup, pour the tea

Powder (fine tea powder from tea bricks) into the tea cup. Add a small amount of boiling water. and make the tea powder and water mutually Mix into a milky. thick paste-like tea liquid. Next, rhythmically point the water. “point” on the tea soup, without damaging the tea surface. the other hand uses a tea stick or a teaspoon to rotate the tea soup in the tea cup and whisk it to make the soup flower (foam). This technique is called “yunji” or “swipe”. At this time, the surface of the tea soup will show very small white foam, which will not disperse for a long time. The quality of tea is judged by the distribution of foam.  The color of the tea soup is closely related to the picking and manufacturing techniques.

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