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Index 1 computer attacks are the order of the day and are constantly renewed 1.1 although large companies are not safe either 2 what solutions do we propose to protect your company? 3 but how protected is the rest of your company? 4 if you need help maintaining your website. Contact nestrategia computer attacks are the order of the day and are constantly renewed do not you believe it? So he goes on reading: according to data from ibm x-force iris in a statement sent to europa press: cyber attacks have increased by 125% in europe during the first quarter of 2020 and by 40% worldwide. Cybersecurity in the company source: europe press.

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Read the complete news cybercriminals are taking advantage of. For example. Remote work to identify vulnerabilities in our systems and attack them . Being small businesses one of the main objectives. Cyber ​​attack products although large companies are not safe Guatemala Phone Numbers either as is the case of mapfre . For example. Which has been the victim of ransomware cyberattacks . Malicious software against computer systems that displays messages that demand payment of money to be able to restore it . Registering requests from €3.000 to €12.000 for smes and. Reaching over.

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In the case of large companies. Mapfre suffers a cyber attack source: incibe-cert_: read the complete news virtual store promotion button the well-known public company adif (administrador de infraestructuras ferroviarias) has also been one of the many that has suffered a cyber incident of this type . In which cybercriminals have shared images of extremely important stolen data. Such as invoices. Contracts. Phone numbers. Customer information. Files and more. Cadena ser. Prosegur and the consulting firm everis . For example. Join the list of alarming cases of attacks in spain.

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