Webinar: How to use the blog to increase sales

She has worked as director of marketing and communication in different sectors and is currently director of the online communication and marketing program at iem business school. Professor at florida universitaria. University of alicante and other business schools.

Marta has a degree in audiovisual Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers communication. An executive mba and a master’s degree in online marketing. Her professional career has been developed among audiovisual production companies. Until entering the world of marketing. In 2013 she started as a community manager at a major data protection company. In march 2014.

For her part

She launched the lowpost platform together with two partners. Where she is currently developing the position of marketing director.Companies and experts in digital marketing know that content is necessary to improve seo positioning. Brand image and increase sales. For this reason. The lowpost content platform has seen how there is an exponential demand for content marketing . An issue that we will try to resolve in this webinar as part of the #openwestand campaign launched by godaddy.

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Content marketing goes through each of the stages of the funnel of the marketing process . Since it is part of the 4 phases of the funnel . However. You cannot address a person who is in phase 1 of the funnel. Who does not even know the brand. In the same way as someone who is already a customer. Therefore. Once your target audience has been profiled. You must design content for it for each of the phases of the funnel.

This article is written by loles sancho and marta muñoz. Loles has a degree in marketing and commercial management and a master’s degree in communication and business advertising from esic.


Who is going to read the contents?

The buyer person if you don’t know who the audience you want to target is. You won’t be able to determine the content. Therefore. We are going to start talking about the buyer person .

This concept encompasses a fictitious representation of the ideal client that we want to reach. It collects information on demographic data. Motivations. Needs and behaviors as a consumer. A good buyer persona description will help us better understand potential customers and plan content.

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