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It is common sense, if you as an editor notice. That you are short of breath when reading your own text or that there is something that has no coherence. It means that you have really eaten something, the comma. Google will not position what users do not understand, so in this article. We will remember how to use the comma correctly to get readable and optimized texts. It may interest you: Postgraduate in Storytelling E-BOOK How to create memory with Storytelling Descargar. INDEX OF CONTENTS 12 basic rules of the use of the comma. Do not risk writing an interesting text that no one will read by misusing punctuation marks. Always remember these 10 rules and improve your texts. 1. Use of the comma to separate elements The use of the comma indicates a brief pause that occurs within the sentence.


It is used to

Separate the members of an enumeration, except those that are preceded by one of the conjunctions and, e, o, u. Let’s see some examples: He is a very reserved, studious boy from a good family. 2. To make a clarification It is important that two commas are used, the one at the beginning and the Lithuania Phone Number one at the end of the clarification . Sometimes you can find this same circumstance with the use of an em dash (—) or in parentheses. Here are some specific uses: APPOSITIONS The apposition is a statement that provides information to the text. This is useful to specify what or who we are talking about : Maria, the hotel receptionist.


Juliana, tired of running all day

Lithuania Phone Number

Preferred to stay at home. Three of his friends, affected by the virus, could not attend the party. EXPLANATORY COMMENTS The use of the comma is made between a comment that seeks to explain the message or give meaning to the text. My whole family , including my brother, agreed. She is, among my friends, the most beloved. He gave us, after so many disappointments, a great joy. COMMENTS ACCESSORIES They are called accessories because they do not have a direct link with the statement that is being discussed. This means that if the clarification is removed, the text is still understood. My grandmother Margarita, what a wonderful woman! She took care of me and my siblings when we were little. The president decided to withdraw from the elections, so as not to harm his political party.

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