When I left a company that went overseas, what did the company give me?

After some thinking, I found that all this is actually the influence of my old club. So let’s talk about this topic today, when I left a company that went overseas, what did this company give me?

This topic can actually have two parts: one is material rewards, and the other is personal growth. Only the second part will be discussed today.

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 What did this overseas company bring me?

The company has multiple product lines, and the positioning of each product line is also different: some have long-term investment and New Zealand Mobile Number long-return, and some have short-term investment and fast return. Some make quick money, and some are ecological.

Feelings about overseas markets

When I first joined the company, I had almost no sense of going overseas. What impressed me the most was that the girl who was operating at that time told me how to promote on ins. I also asked: what is ins?

But after two or three years, I can be said to be half an expert in the overseas market.

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